3 Scary Things in Self Storage

Metal Buildings and Self Storage can be Spooky, but that’s why you have A-Lert!

One: Monster Mash or Property Smash?

An undeniable liability of owning anything is that it doesn’t stay new for long, especially when it’s accessible to other people. Sure, this is why we have insurance, but what if your building was prepped in advance? We can help you design a self storage facility built to last and withstand years of wear-and-tear!

 If you already have a site that’s showing its age and want to fix it up, it may be worth seeing if you can replace specific components that have been well-loved. Fortunately, we know some guys! Our components department can help you get the parts and pieces you need to get everything back into beautiful, working order!

Boo! I mean… Two: Flying Blind as a Bat! 

Ever heard the phrase “luck favors the prepared”? While we’re pretty sure luck has nothing to do with it, it does illustrate a great point! Having a good idea about what’s coming and being prepared always helps. But how can you know what’s coming in an industry like self storage? Checking in with the local Chamber of Commerce can help you know what new construction, residential or commercial, is coming and enable you to plan accordingly. Lots of new business and homes coming to an area could illustrate a need for additional storage space! Which brings us to…

Three: Recessions are scary… unless you’re in self storage!

According to a 2017 article published by Forbes, self storage is recession proof. The author of the article, Brad Thomas, even went so far as to point at that, “during the 2008 economic downturn, self storage was the only REIT sector that posted a positive return of five percent including dividends.” Wow!! It makes sense. In the event of an economic downturn, many families and even companies need to downsize and find themselves in search of storage space. A looming (or active) recession may mean an opportunity to a self storage owner.

But what if you already have a facility – and it’s almost full? Never fear, the A-Team is here! Give us a call and we can help with your next expansion to make your facility ready to accommodate whatever comes!