Prepare your Facility for Winter

Winter is coming… Be prepared for winter storms!


Metal buildings have a lot of advantages, such as not being subject to issues such as rot, cracking, warping, and pests compromising the stability of the structure, which can plague other building types. A common advantage, regardless of where you live, is how resistant they are to changes in weather. The first major cold fronts have now started ripping their way through the south, and with the Winter Solstice only a month away, we thought we’d share some things you can do to help your already wonderfully weather-resistant metal buildings have a happy holiday season.

First and foremost, the sooner you prepare your building for winter, the more likely you are to successfully winterize it! Whether due to preventing issues as a result of the winter weather or even due to lack of availability of materials, being prepared now will make things much smoother when the weather gets really cold, maybe even icy, closer to January.

Another recommendation is to invest a little time in cleaning up. A hallmark of fall is, of course, all of the beautiful leaves but they