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Builders of Self Storage & Mini Storage Facilities

A-Lert Building Systems is part of a family of construction-related divisions operated under Centurion Industries, Inc. Headquartered in Garrett, Indiana, Centurion Industries, Inc. is a privately held, multi-divisional corporation that provides diversified metal fabrication and industrial construction services throughout the U.S.

While A-Lert Building Systems is primarily responsible for its own marketing and operations, Centurion supports and adds value to them by providing accounting and financial services, safety training and accountability, strategic planning, information technology, legal and administrative support and higher-level human resources and training functions. Centurion attempts to foster an entrepreneurial environment in its operating divisions by relieving them of their administrative and compliance duties while allowing them to do what they do best–concentrate on satisfying customers and improving the products and services they provide.

Centurion provides the divisions the financial capability to bond projects as large as $70 million in size. Our various divisions are licensed in and have worked in nearly all 50 states for companies and organizations such as Archer Daniels Midland, Hertz, Marathon Oil, and the Department of Defense.

Our company-wide commitment to our core values of integrity, employees, partnerships, safety, and customer service have provided steady growth to the company and given our customers great value and great service. We have worked hard to be known for doing the right thing, not just the expedient thing. We place great importance in surrounding ourselves with good people. We then grow and mentor them to become even better by properly training, equipping and rewarding our employees for their hard work and dedication. We place a priority on and actively cultivate strong and lasting relationships, not only with our employees but also with our suppliers and customers. We have performed continual work for certain customers for over 30 years, a testimony not only to our relationships but to customer service as well. As evidenced by the above safety results we have not only embraced safety as a core value but have lived it.

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Divisions of Centurion Industries

Performs specialized millwright, welding, electrical, insulating and piping construction.