Multi-Story Self Storage Facilities


Multi-Story Storage Facilities

As the cost of land has risen, so has the demand for multi-story self storage building facilities.  A-Lert Building System’s multi-story facilities are ideal for densely populated urban areas.  Our designs maximize the amount of rentable space on your property, helping to outweigh the additional building costs that are inherent to multi-story buildings.

Why Choose A-Lert Building Systems?

A-Lert has years of experience planning, designing, engineering and constructing a variety of multi-story self storage facilities.  Whether building on a green field site or renovating an existing facility, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to design and build multi-story self storage for optimal use.  Other advantages of choosing A-Lert Building Systems to build self storage buildings include:

  • In-House Design and Engineering: We offer customized plans tailored to your site and aesthetic vision.
  • Competitive Prices:  We are the manufacturer so you save!
  • Long Lasting Quality:  All of our multi-story self storage facilities are built  to last with quality in mind.  Our talented engineers provide complete structural and foundation engineering.
  • Climate Control: All multi-story self storage properties can also be built as climate controlled and/or non-climate controlled facilities.  A-Lert supplies insulation applicable for use in climate and non-climate controlled buildings, fitting the specific needs of each individual owner.
  • Professional Crews to Install your Buildings: Our crews are the best in the industry.  Quality, professionalism and precision are evident in their work.

Your Source for Multi-Story Self Storage Facilities

In order to ensure your building system’s success, partner with a company with proven experience, industry-leading products, and unrelenting customer service.  A-Lert Building Systems is  your solution.  Our team is trained to guide you through the building process from start to finish, and will treat you like family.  Call 1-800-344-0609 for more information on partnering with A-Lert today! 

Multistory Climate control self storage with office space
Multistory Climate Control Self Storage Houma, LA
Multi Level Self Storage Facility Climate and Non Climate Storage with Breezeways Edinburg TX
Multilevel climate controlled self storage Waco TX